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Posted: 3131 days ago in Engagement | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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Kotalover - Level 1
Wedding Date: 09/25/2010
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we were together for 3 years. i told him to either get on with it or get out...LOL

Posted: 3131 days ago

MsSassy - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/13/2010
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it was a complete surprise to me! we'd only been together for 6 months and i had no idea that he wanted to get married. in fact he kinda skirted the topic whenever it came it so it was a complete surprise!

Posted: 3131 days ago

happygurl - Level 0
Wedding Date: 06/05/2010
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i knew...we've been together for 2 years already and we talked about getting married. i just didnt know exactly when but im so happy it did!

Posted: 3131 days ago

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