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Is it okay to buy the bridal shower gift off the couple's wedding registry?

The bridal shower invitation lists where the couple is registered; however, I always assumed gifts at a bridal shower would be more exclusively for the bride to be (ie. lingerie).


Posted: 3167 days ago in Gifts & Registries | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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happygurl - Level 0
Wedding Date: 06/05/2010
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i think its fine. i've done it before. at least you know its someting they want.

Posted: 3167 days ago

Kotalover - Level 1
Wedding Date: 09/25/2010
Best Answers (2) lingerie on thier registry??? =P

Posted: 3167 days ago

MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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i think typically you get a gift for the bride during a bridal shower but if its a wedding shower you can get a gift for both of them.

Posted: 3167 days ago

yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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sure! at least you know its something she wants...hehehe

Posted: 3165 days ago

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