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Wedding Date: 02/06/2010
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Has anyone considered having a video student video your wedding?

we're trying to think of ways we can save money and were thinking that we could have a film student video our wedding instead of a videographer. what do you guys think?


Posted: 3132 days ago in Wedding Planning | Hawaii , All Hawaii

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happygurl - Level 0
Wedding Date: 06/05/2010
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i wish i considered this before i paid 4k for my videographer. he isnt even that great...just one of the cheaper ones that were decent that i could find

Posted: 3132 days ago

yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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i didnt consider this but it seems like a good idea if you're on a budget. maybe post something on craigslist?

Posted: 3132 days ago

glittery - Level 0
Wedding Date: 08/28/2010
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ooooh this is a great idea! i'm going to put an ad in craigslist to see if this is possible!

Posted: 3131 days ago

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