yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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Did you do a duet plate or each pick their own?

my vendor has the option of doing a plate with two types of dishes or giving you the option of picking 3 dishes. what did you guys end up doing?


Posted: 3133 days ago in Cakes & Food | California, San Fernando Valley

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minnie - Level 0
Wedding Date: 02/20/2010
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we didnt do the duet because we wanted people to have more options. in my experience the duet plates arent worth it and the food just doesnt come out as good

Posted: 3133 days ago

Kotalover - Level 1
Wedding Date: 09/25/2010
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we're having separate plates. first its cheaper and than the people get to choose what they want

Posted: 3133 days ago

Smiley - Level 0
Wedding Date: 05/22/2010
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we did the duet so we didnt have to deal with asking each person what they wanted and then marking that on their name cards

Posted: 3133 days ago

Wedbride - Level 1
Wedding Date: 02/06/2010
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pick their own! i've only have one duet plate before and the food wasnt even good! i didnt think it was worth it.

Posted: 3132 days ago

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