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Wedding Date: 08/14/2010
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Does anyone have any experience with a DW in Cancun?

We're considering having a DW in cancun and im just wondering how hard it would be. has anyone considered this or attended a cancun wedding?


Posted: 3136 days ago in Destination Weddings | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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we considered this and i looked into it. in theory its a pretty cool idea since you can stay at an all inclusive etc. and its pretty cheap. the thing is that you actually have to do some blood testing and stuff like that prior to getting married (from what i can remember) and then the all inclusives and flights can become pretty costly for your guests.

Posted: 3136 days ago

Kotalover - Level 1
Wedding Date: 09/25/2010
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i went to one and it was beautiful but it was a pretty big financial strain on my fiance and I. we ended up spending over 1k on flights, hotel and food.

Posted: 3132 days ago

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