lauren131 - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/20/2010
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Are you draping your reception and is it worth it?

have you guys seen anyone drape the reception? do you think its worth it? my florist is charging 500 for us to drape the area above the dancefloor. what do you think?


Posted: 3137 days ago in Decor & Style | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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i'm having my reception hall draped. I think it brings and extra sort of elegance to the area. Our florist is charging us 400 to do it and i think its worth it!

Posted: 3137 days ago

happygurl - Level 0
Wedding Date: 06/05/2010
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i've seen this at a wedding reception before and i think its lovely. I had no idea how much it costs though, but i honestly thought it would be ALOT more to do this. I think im going to look into it!

Posted: 3137 days ago

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