Smiley - Level 0
Wedding Date: 05/22/2010
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How much will you spend on your honeymoon?

how much money are you guys putting away for your honeymoon and where are you going?


Posted: 3138 days ago in Honeymoon | California, Los Angeles

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MsSassy - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/13/2010
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we're going to hawaii and island hopping for a week and a half...i think we'll be spending around 5k for the entire trip

Posted: 3138 days ago

annanese - Level 1
Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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im going to greece and we expect to pay around 10-15k for about 2 weeks

Posted: 3138 days ago

MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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i think we're leaning towards thailand...we'll probablly do 2.5 weeks for around 10-15 k

Posted: 3138 days ago

yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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we're hoping to travel international and to keep it under 10k. i had a friend that spent over 20k though...

Posted: 3132 days ago

Wedbride - Level 1
Wedding Date: 02/06/2010
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we're going to thailiand and vietnam for 3 weeks. the most expensive part will be the flight. otherwise everything else is super cheap and the food is delish!

Posted: 3131 days ago

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