MsSassy - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/13/2010
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would anyone notice if i wore tennis shoes?

I'm not used to wearing heels at all and i was wondering if you thought anyone would notice if i wore tennis shoes under my dress instead of high heels...


Posted: 3136 days ago in Wedding Ceremony | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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futurems - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/11/2010
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I had a friend that wore tennis shoes under her wedding gown and no one noticed at all!

Posted: 3136 days ago

Chrissy80 - Level 0
Wedding Date: 02/09/2008
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you know they have these new heels that look like tennis shoes. maybe that would work out for you?

Posted: 3136 days ago

MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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im thinking of wearing tennis shoes during the day and than switching to heels at night. i had a friend that wore heels all day long and literally by the time the reception came around she wanted to knaw off her feet.

Posted: 3136 days ago

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