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Wedding Date: 02/20/2010
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Are you having kids at your wedding reception?

My fiance and I have decided to not have kids at our reception. we both have lots of kids on both sides of the family but these are kids that we've never met or seen before. I'd like to be able to invite my close friends instead of someone i've never met. How can i word this so that its understood that there are no kids allowed?

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Kotalover - Level 1
Wedding Date: 09/25/2010
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we've decided the same thing. we just noted on our invitations that we'll be having the ceremony at 6 which would be immediately followed by an "Adults only" reception

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we battled with this over and over again and just decided to invite the kids. i think it would have caused alot of drama in my family if i told them that they couldnt bring their children. plus i have alot of friends that just had babies and i wouldnt want to not include them

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