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Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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Are your bridesmaids paying for their dresses or are you paying?

Is it custom for the bride and groom to pay for the bridesmaid dresses or do they pay for it themselves? I've heard it go both ways and im just wondering what the standard is.

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i think its customary for the bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses in american weddings. personally, i feel like since i asked them to be apart of my wedding and to share my special day that i should cover the financial responsibility of it. honestly i think its a bit rude for brides to have bridesmaids fork out 200-300 on a dress they'll never wear again (well maybe) that the bride picks out.

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Smiley - Level 0
Wedding Date: 05/22/2010
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i feel the same way as the previous poster. im also forking over the money to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, but they're buying their own shoes. I have been apart of weddings before where i had to pay and the bride chose a dress that was 250 bucks! it really sucked, especially since it was one of those fluffy dresses and i KNEW i was never going to wear it again...ugh

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MsSassy - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/13/2010
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my bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses. When i was a bridesmaids in their weddings i paid for my own dress so i guess its just coming full curcle now...

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im paying for their dresses. I think this is more customary for asian weddings than it is for american weddings though

Posted: 3170 days ago

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