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Cakes Costs?

I will be having 250 guests at my wedding and im paying $1500 for a wedding cupcake. I've actually started to reconsider this though as i've been hearing that $1500 is pretty pricey. how much did you guys pay for your cake and how big was it?

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Posted: 3173 days ago in Cakes & Food | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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i spent 500 bucks including delivery. but we went to this lady that does all the cakes for the big bakeries. when i went into the bakeries i got qouted at around 1k

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Posted: 3173 days ago

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Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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my wedding is small. I'm going to have a friend bake cupcakes as our "wedding cake" total cost for 100 cupcakes will be less than 100 bucks!

Posted: 3173 days ago

yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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wow! where are you guys getting your cakes from? I'm ordering mines from a place in San Jose and they're charging me 2k!

Posted: 3173 days ago

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Wedding Date: 05/22/2010
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ours is 800 bucks. 3 tiers enough for 200 guests

Posted: 3173 days ago

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