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Hawaii Wedding

I'm interested in having a beach wedding in Hawaii but have no idea where to start. I live in Northern California. Do I have to hire a wedding coordinator out there to help out or is this something i could do by myself?


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Originally I really wanted to have a beach wedding. I researched everything and looked into renting out a property where I could have my entire wedding party stay and also where I could get married on the beach. We actually found a place that we loved that was a 12 bedroom estate that was beachfront on the northshore of oahu. It didnt become problematic until i realized that if i were to have guests that wanted to attend and they wanted to stay on the north shore that the few hotels on that side ranged between 300-400 dollars a night. Also the beaches are all public and you have to kind of just hope for the best (ex, hoping that random people wont want to intrude upon your wedding). I would say that if you do want to get married in hawaii to definitely find a reputable coordinator who can help you with setting everything up. you want to find someone who knows the good spots where the weather will be good and where it will be less crowded. As a non-local, it would be much harder for you to do this and it would probably just cause you headaches later on...

in the end, my fiance and I decided that it was just easier to get married back home.

Posted: 3144 days ago

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i think it depends on your personality really. if you're totally type A, this probably wouldnt work for you. if you're willing to let go of the reins and have someone else plan the majority of your wedding (and youhave the fund for it) than i say go for it!

Posted: 3143 days ago

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Hawaii Wedding
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