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Who should give me away to my husband to be?

Ok so I am just... starting my wedding planning and we are newly engaged. I think I will have 2 major problems. First Question is who should give me away? I am close to my dad and I am also close to my step dad and I don't want to be in a hard spot. My other idea would be for my son to give me away, my fiance has been in his life since he was 3 and will be 8 when we get married. My fiance wants to adopt my son, and they have developped a relationshiop. Would it be odd if it was my son who gave me away? Or should I just pick one of my dads to do it?


Posted: 2461 days ago in Wedding Ceremony | Illinois , Peoria

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I don't think it's weird at all to have your son walk you down! The person that walks you down the aisle should be the 'other man in your life'! Since your son is a huge part of your life, show him and your new man how much he means to you!


Posted: 2456 days ago

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