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My fiance is in the marines and we want to include that in our ceremony but we want sumthing diff

We want to incorprate his branch but we don't want it to run our wedding and we don't want a normal themed ceremony or reception.... what should we do?


Posted: 2993 days ago in Wedding Ceremony | Missouri , Springfield, MO

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Although, there is no "official" military wedding protocol, military weddings differ from tradition weddings in several ways; the main distinction of a military wedding is that the bride and/or groom, as well as service members in the wedding party, usually wear their uniforms. The type of uniform depends on the style of the wedding, the time of day, the season, and most importantly, the government-issued uniform manual. And since there is no "official" military wedding protocol, plan the rest of your cermony and reception as you want.

Posted: 2990 days ago

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