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Wedding Date: 06/25/2010
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Confused on color schemes!

See my wedding will be in june, summer time.. I love the color red, but it seems like now & days everyone does their weddings with Red; i would love to do it red though.. but i want something a little diff. but still nice. Im stuck between Teal/Tiffany blue & brown.. or Fuchsia & lime-green ; what would you guys recommend?

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well yeah that does make sense, Iike i said i really like red; but many people in my family have done it red actually! so I just dont want to add to that, Im actually thinking about Fuchsia and green, i saw a cake and decorations with that color, it looked real nice, but i still am a little lost on how to accent the wedding with those colors,


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Sounds like you really want red and shouldn't go for another color just to try to be different. You should go with what you instinctively want and that sounds like red. Actually, Teal and Tiffany Blue with Brown are much more common now and are the new trend. You can still do red with a twist... I actually really like the Red, Yellow and Orange scheme... it kinda brings a fresh heat to the wedding and makes it more vibrant.. especially the pictures! Teal, Tiffany Blue and, Fuschia and Lime Green are all pretty as well but all completely different looks... Try going online and looking at banquet halls decorated in those color schemes and see which you are most "comfortable" with and also want your flowers and wedding party in.

Posted: 3025 days ago

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if you really want red you sould do red. its a very classic color and i've always thought that it goes well with weddings no matter what time of the year

Posted: 3025 days ago

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