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Wedding Date: 03/20/2010
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Whats the best way to handle upset guests who's children arent invited to an adult reception?

Me and my fiance decided to have an adult reception but we our allowing the children in our families to come and also the children in the wedding. How would we handle upset guests that see children there but their children werent allowed to come? We dont want to hurt anyones feeling.


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I think for the most part.. adults who are upset won't throw a fit during the wedding. If it was an inconvenience for them, they may discuss it outside of your day. However if they do decide to act up, your wedding party should buffer these complaints so you can enjoy your day.

You can always say they came to help set up or plan for the reception as if they were part of the setup crew.

Also if everyone is occupied, entertained, and feeling good.. everything will work out.

Posted: 3046 days ago

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