futurems - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/11/2010
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What ideas do you have for wedding table numbers?

I plan on diy'ing but i cant think of any cool ideas. do you guys have any?


Posted: 3083 days ago in Wedding Planning | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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annanese - Level 1
Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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were just doing really simple table numbers. just print outs on card stock

Posted: 3082 days ago

glittery - Level 0
Wedding Date: 08/28/2010
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our venue is providing table numbers and stands. we couldve gotten created and did something but it was just easier this way

Posted: 3082 days ago

MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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i just got back from a wedding that have these amazing little laterns (it was diy) that had four sides. each side had something on it (table number, menu, etc).

i thought it was very creative and you could tell alot of work went into it

Posted: 3082 days ago

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