kris - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/12/2010
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Do you think people would mind an outdoor reception?

My fiance and I are scheming on having an outdoor reception, with tents and all.
What are some of the things that we should be concerned with?


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MsMystiqkal - Level 2
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i think if the weather is nice than an outdoor reception is fine. you might want to consider heat lamps etc in case it gets cold. check the weather to see if it will rain and make sure you have a plan B for that.

Posted: 3085 days ago

futurems - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/11/2010
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i've been to an outdoor reception and thought it was lovely...

Posted: 3082 days ago

annanese - Level 1
Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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i think it depends on the weather. im sure an afternoon reception outside would be fine but during the night, especially here in the bay it can get pretty cold...

Posted: 3081 days ago

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