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What do you look out for when choosing a reception venue?

Anything I should keep in mind. Obviously budget, size, and location. Does anyone know of any things to consider that may easily be overlooked? I've been to a wedding where they had to stop it in the middle due to candles being lit.

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Wedding Date: 03/05/2010
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I made sure that my venue allowed hard liquor, let alone alcohol. Most venues prefer you to only have beer, wine and champagne.

If you're going with a whole range of decors, ASK if you are able to put stuff up on walls, or hang from the ceiling. When I was considering this one venue, I could picture all the decor, but when I went to visit it, I was informed that nothing can be put up on the walls or ceiling, not even anything attached to tape!!

Just make sure to check out every last detail of every venue.

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usually venues will give you booklets on what they allow and will not allow. keep into consideration how you want your day to be. if you want to bring in your own caterer, make sure the venvue allows that. if you want candles, ask if they have any policies about free burning candles. in regards to your florist, as the venues what type of access the florist are given. I know with my venue that florist are allowed to drape the gazebo but they have to do it with plastic ties. When i was going through the selection process, i found that most venues were willing to work with us with what we wanted to happen on our day.

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Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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one thing we considered was how long it took to get to the venue and how difficult it would be to get there. we crossed off one of the venues on our list because the road to get there was incredibly twisty,long and not very well lit. knowing that some of our guest would be drinking, we didnt think this was the best idea

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There is SO much to consider when choosing you venue. Location, atmosphere, budget, size and what ever limitations and possibilities that the venue allows.

But, ultimately...the thing that you should consider is more than "this could work" venue. The venue should provide more than that. this is after all, your wedding.
Trust you gut feeling, the venue that you and your wife
find, should be "THE place". You need to find that venue, that leaves you saying, "OMG, this is it." Regardless of cost, location, etc.

Believe me, it will make a world of difference.

Posted: 3132 days ago

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