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Wedding Date: 03/05/2010
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Ceremony the day before the Reception?

We are getting married at an Art Center and they only do receptions. I love this spot and don't regret reserving it. So my hunt for a ceremony location started. We want to do a very private ceremony (30-50) while our reception will be holding 150. It's either they charge half an arm or they are booked. No one in my family has a big back yard we could use, so my fiance came up with the idea of saving our money and going to city hall. The only problem is our wedding is on a Saturday. City hall is only open from Monday to Fridays. Is it common for folks to do this? We're not tripping on the "official date" that we're getting married.

I thought ceremony a day before, with a small dinner after wards. Then when the day arrives that's where we all get dressed up and have our wedding photos taken, then have our reception.

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Since the ceremony is small and private I don't think it will be a problem. This is sometimes the case for asian cultures where there is a "ritual" in the days before the "celebration". Though it would be nice to have it together, most people who are attending your reception are there to celebrate and party!

Since the ceremony is small and intimate I don't think the people who want to attend would really mind. It might even be nice to have that more personal time with the people closest to you before you party it up the day after. It will even make the day less hectic!

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Posted: 3104 days ago

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have you considered having your wedding that day at a local park area? i think that if you can keep the ceremoney and reception together on the same day, it would make it easier for those you'd like to have attend.

the only problem with having a friday ceremony and sat reception is that all your guests for the ceremoney will have to take that day off (if you're doing a daytime ceremony). on a good note though, im sure anyone who is a real friend to you wouldnt care if you got married on a friday and they had to take time off to see it.

good luck planning!

Posted: 3106 days ago

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Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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i think it depends on whether you want people to have to take time off from their jobs to attend. in today's economy, it might not be feasible for some to take a day off...

Posted: 3104 days ago

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