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i have two matrons of honor (maids/matrons samething) and i havent run into any problems. in fact all of my brides maids (7 total) have been extremely active in the wedding party and have been nothing but helpful. i think it really depends on the relationships your bridesmaids have with eachother. all of my friends know eachother and have hung out together. i can see things being problematic if the girls dont know eachother well and theres some sort of power play, but i've been to two weddings were there were two and there werent any problems.

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I agree w/ MsMystiqkal,
I really feel that it all depends on the relationship that the bridesmaids have with each other. If all all them are willing to put their egos aside and concentrate all their energy on the bride, then I feel that everything will turn out great.
I figure that is why they were chosen in the first place, right?

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From what I have experienced. No.
Maid of Honor's is usually the person designated to look after the bride on her wedding day and the person who plans or manages the wedding shower and bachelorette party.
I have heard stories where there are incidents of a bride-to-be having 2 bride's maids and it always ends in catastrophe were some one ends up hating someone else.
Even if these people may be the most sensible people in the world, I would not take the chance.
I have witnessed a bridal party having a Matron(someone already married) and Maid of Honor. This actually turned out pretty good.

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You can do whatever you want, girl.
it's your wedding.

Posted: 3109 days ago

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