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Wedding Date: 04/18/2009
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is it customary for people to give money at asian weddings?

i will be attending my friends wedding who is chinese. should i give her money (im not asian), or get a gift off her registry?

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i am asian and for every asian wedding i've ever gone too, we've always given a red envelope. its pretty standard for the asian community. how close the bride and groom are to you and the number you bring usually is a factor in how much you give. i belive the standard now a days is 100pp min...

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kittykat - Level 0
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As far as I've seen, yeah.
A friend of mine who told me that her father was bent against having a money dance (traditionally a Filipino thing?), so they didn't plan for one in their program.
But, when they went up for the first dance, people started going up and pinning money on them. Where they got the pins, no one know.
All the guest was a mixture of different Asian cultures, so maybe it is generally an Asian thing.

Posted: 3109 days ago

jenjen - Level 0
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Yes. At all of them!
It gives them something to spend on their honeymoon!

Posted: 3109 days ago

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