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Do you think not having a floer girl and ringbearer takes away from the ceremony?

My fiance and I have been going back and forth about whether or not to have a ring bearer and flower girl. I want both, but he thinks that our wedding party is already big enough (14 people). Do you guys think that its weird to not have kids in the wedding?


Posted: 3115 days ago in Wedding Ceremony | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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glittery - Level 0
Wedding Date: 08/28/2010
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i dont plan on having either one. But i want a small wedding party and dont really have alot of kids in the family. honestly, i think you should just do whatever you want. it's your wedding.

Posted: 3115 days ago

futurems - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/11/2010
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i think it completes the ceremony, but im a big kids person. they just look so cute all dressed up and they make for great pictures!

Posted: 3115 days ago

honeyboo - Level 1
Wedding Date: 04/18/2009
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i think they make the ceremony cute, but its not necessary

Posted: 3115 days ago

lauren131 - Level 0
Wedding Date: 03/20/2010
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i agree with everyone else. its your wedding, do it up how you want it. i dont think anyone will notice either way

Posted: 3115 days ago

pinx5669 - Level 0
Wedding Date: 09/28/2009
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We've decided not to have kids in our wedding party.
Even though there are only 8 people total, I feel like if we have children, then some one is going to have to look over them the whole time, and things are going to be hectic enough

Posted: 3108 days ago

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