yenny - Level 0
Wedding Date: 12/12/2009
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how much does a videogapher cost?

Im really surprised that some of these videographers cost as much as photographers. Personally im not sure if its really worth it. Here the cheapest i've seen is around 3k which is still pricey in my opinion. is it worth it?


Posted: 3123 days ago in Pictures & Videos | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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iheartpearls - Level 0
Wedding Date: 11/07/2009
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they range between 3-5k here for base level too. i dont understand why they're so expensive either and we've opted to not have one. i'd rather have a really nice photographer than to skimp and than get both.,

Posted: 3123 days ago

diamonds4ever - Level 0
Wedding Date: 05/09/2009
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around the bay area its about 3k for a cheap one. we opted to not get one either. i hope its not something we regret later on

Posted: 3123 days ago

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