Chrissy80 - Level 0
Wedding Date: 02/09/2008
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Are your bridesmaids all getting their hair done?

I've going to have my hair up but im not sure if I should ask to have my bridesmaids have their hair done too. what do you think?


Posted: 3122 days ago in Wedding Planning | California, San Francisco Bay Area

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minnie - Level 0
Wedding Date: 02/20/2010
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i have 5 bridesmaids and they're all also having their hair and makeup done. im letting them choose what they want to have done though

Posted: 3122 days ago

honeyboo - Level 1
Wedding Date: 04/18/2009
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i've just asked all my bridesmaids to curl their hair but they arent getting their hair professionally done

Posted: 3122 days ago

annanese - Level 1
Wedding Date: 01/16/2010
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all of my bridesmaids will be getting updo's as my gift to them!

Posted: 3121 days ago

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